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Blizzard Entertainment's critically acclaimed team shooter launched worldwide on May 24, and since then more than 7 million players have fought for the future. The company's online-gaming service, frmanthology.info®, is one of the largest in the world, with millions of active players. *Based on internal company. Overwatch has been good for Blizzard, earning them around 1 billion dollars in one year. Overwatch has only been out for around one year so they will earn a lot more from the game as the years passes by. Blizzard has around 41 million active player through their games and Overwatch has 30 million off. BTag, Region, Platform, Damage Done - Average, Games. , Jalf#, eu, pc, 4, , Active#, us, pc, 4, , NNN#, us, pc, 4, , Bromatoast#, us, pc. , Shinoa#, us, pc, 4, , Cuck#, us, pc, 4,, , Zethos#, us, pc, 4,,

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